We live in a world where things move fast, technology changes, business evolves, and your site needs to keep up. Yes, a fresh new look is important, but you also need a site that is ready to work for you, can improve search performance, and attract qualified leads.


If you are ready to dig into the analytics of your site and use these numbers to make educated decisions on how to market moving forward, Blue Star is ready to team up with you. The best part of creating a site with an organization that is focused on goals is that they make the best team players. Our whole process revolves around ensuring the client is involved every step of the way.


3 powerful digital services for better marketing


Site Development

Since this is your online storefront — the first stop in the buyer’s journey — your site must be well designed, easy-to-navigate and mobile friendly. It’s time for you to guide your prospects through every stage of engagement — awareness, consideration, and the decision to buy.

But wait… is it really the right time to update my site? To keep up with web technology advances and design trends, companies should update their websites every two to five years and make content updates regularly. Specifically, if you haven’t adopted responsive web design (RWD) yet, it’s time. Why? With 67% search market share, Google considers responsive web design as the industry best practice.

Together, with our dedicated web team at Blackbird Interactive, we combine award-winning design, acute knowledge of technology, results-driven content, and marketing savvy to help your organization succeed in today’s digital world.

App Development

In a world filled with smartphones and tablets, your customers are used to accessing information on the fly. Apps are becoming crucial business and marketing tools, but they need to be efficient and easy to use.

The key to a successful app is engaging an app developer to at the forefront. You need a team that knows what the end user expects from an app, has a passion for solving your problem and is able to see into the future. An app is a huge commitment, takes time to build, and it needs to stay flexible enough to grow with future endeavors in mind.

Having a team full of designers and developers with mixed backgrounds – from creatives to analytics – results in great user experience and robust builds.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

People start their purchasing process online, usually in search engines. Your organization wants to make sure customers looking for your products and services find your site quickly. 

There are two main components in search engine marketing (SEM) – organic and paid. 

Organic or “free” uses keyword analysis to fine-tune your site's search engine optimization. We track search engine rankings for specific keywords, their search volume and difficulty, and identify the best keywords to optimize your site around. 

Paid search (pay per click / Google Adwords) — when done well — can enrich your business. To get your money's worth you must have a clear idea of what each click is worth to your business, which keywords are truly useful, how to target your ads, and the interplay between bidding strategies. Our dedicated Google Analytics certified team at Blackbird helps turn your data into valuable insights.