Decoding Your Designer

Decoding Your Designer

Designers have a dialect all of their own, which can make it tough to efficiently collaborate on projects. Knowing these design terms will go a long way toward bridging the design-language gap and help you deliver marketing collateral as quickly as possible. 

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The Math of Marketing: 5 Common Marketing Math Problems

In effect, marketing math defines the boundaries of your playing field. We cover what a marketing team does to drive revenue and how you can create a workable marketing budget for your organization. 

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Build Connections and Capture Leads with Quality Content

This step-by-step guide explains that not all content is created equal, and just because you may have a blog on your site doesn't mean you're necessarily attracting the customers you're looking for. 

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Small SEO Tools and Tips to Improve Your Website

This crash course in SEO will help you understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization. We’ll cover algorithms, keywords and strategy — including what to do before you publish and after you publish.

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Content Marketing for Healthcare Organizations

Many healthcare marketing professionals are looking to add content marketing to their arsenal if they haven't already. If you're seeing opportunity but aren't sure how to capitalize on it, our eBook is here to help you get started.



McGowan Case Study

Reaching a Specialized Client Base: Blue Star Design Partners with The McGowan Companies

For The McGowan Companies, creating specialty insurance products meant there was little time for improving its organic reach. With Blue Star Design's help, the company has increased online traffic and has many programs within the top 10 Google search rankings.

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Social Media for a Cause: Blue Star Design Partners with Community West Foundation

When Community West Foundation needed to amp up social media efforts for their annual gala, they reached out to Blue Star. Blue Star helped produce over 400 more online ticket sales than the previous year while saving the client $7,000. 

Positive Peers Case Study

Helping the Hard-to-Reach: Blue Star Design Partners with The MetroHealth System 

Positive Peers is a grant-funded initiative to help those living with HIV through an app/website. Blue Star Design has helped develop and execute the blogs, social media, and designs for Positive Peers.