Marketers today have to focus on converting contacts into customers, increasing the number of leads they generate, and proving the ROI of their marketing activities.

Inbound marketing is a proven method for greater online lead generation. Inbound begins by developing an understanding of your potential buyers and offering solutions to their problems. By creating valuable content that helps solve those problems, you attract the right people to your site. Once drawn to your site, a lead nurturing system ensures potential buyers continue to engage with your site at various stages along the buyer's journey.

Our certified HubSpot marketing team uses a holistic approach involving a wide range of skills to boost qualified web traffic. As prospects move down the funnel, we analyze data from site traffic and make quick decisions to improve performance of your domain.



Fostering Awareness

Whether you’re B2C or B2B, today’s customers are conducting more research online about products and services, often long before they actually make a purchase. Inbound marketing is all about guiding buyers through the process of understanding the solution, weighing their options, and making a decision.

Technology allows us to be much more targeted and nuanced in our approach. Customers conduct their own research online and seek out more information about products when they’re ready for it. An inbound marketing approach supplies customers with the information they’re looking for when they’re ready for it. When clients begin to engage with content, it indicates a level of interest allowing your brand to follow up with more information.

One reason inbound marketing works is because it puts so much power in the consumer’s hands. They choose what content and messages they consume from you and when. As they conduct research before making a purchasing decision, they want to find as much of that information as possible on your website.

Here is where Blue Star’s entire team – creative, digital, and content – combine to help clients create clarity for your consumer. We help communicate what you offer, what it costs, why it’s better than alternatives, and how you’ve been able to help other customers like them. Our mission is to turn your website into a vehicle that supports the buyer’s journey.

The Need for Leads

Your sales team is nagging you for more qualified leads, and leadership is focused on traditional methods of marketing. Their preferred approach: “We’re going to tell you how great we are and why you should buy from us, and we’re going to send you these messages whether you want them or not.” Your consumers have learned to tune these messages out. Advertisements are being ignored, and you can’t tell if your message is even reaching the right audience, to begin with.

Inbound marketing has flipped traditional marketing philosophy on its head with one simple premise: Be helpful instead of pushy, and leads will come to you on their own.

If your current strategy isn’t yielding the results you want, try something new. If you are ready to commit to building an inbound marketing process — taking the time to build, implement, and perfect it — Blue Star is here to guide you and we are in it for the long haul.

Connecting the Dots Between Marketing and Sales

Smart marketing leaders know how important it is to collaborate with sales teams. When sales and marketing efforts are aligned, that’s where the magic really starts to happen. Sales teams have valuable information about customer issues and needs. Marketing crafts campaigns around those issues and makes sure campaigns attract the right leads so once a lead reaches the point of talking to a company representative, it’s the right kind of lead.

Developing lead scores, automated workflows to regularly engage prospects, smart forms to constantly capture new information from visitors, and conversion notifications to individual sales persons all help get prospects down the sales funnel faster. Analyzing the information, communicating the results, and integrating it with your CRM allows sales to do their best work.