It’s more than just a pretty picture. Visual storytelling is more prominent than ever, and it’s forcing brands to up their game. Design is everywhere, and user experience influences us all in our everyday lives – helping us navigate a website or simply fall in love with a brand.

At Blue Star, our goal is to create designs that evolve and connect with an intended audience – whether that piece is a business card or trade show booth. Each one of your projects, big or small, deserves the respect of great design.



Creative Skill and Strategy

Your organization has experienced success, but you are ready to take things to the next level. Are you looking to challenge the competition or increase engagement? Are you hoping to stand out from the crowd or get more out of your marketing budget? Perhaps you have looming deadline and are just plain stumped on where to start.

Blue Star’s team has plenty of experience working on projects from the ground up, helping clients concept programs and event themes, plan collateral needs based on past projects, recommend size and material changes to cut costs, and design items to improve response.

Navigating the Creative Field

Major projects, such as magazine layout and capital campaigns, require lots of planning, timeline and budget management, procurement of resources, and quotes and estimates for cost comparisons.

There is a lot to juggle, especially when schedules and budgets get altered down to the last minute. Trying to please a variety of decision makers’ requests can turn what should be a simple project into an exasperating experience with rounds and rounds of revisions.

At Blue Star, we manage all that crazy with bi-monthly conference calls and a variety of project management tools where we work together online and stay in constant communication. We do the heavy lifting for you and offer strategies to keep items within budget. You benefit by being able to rely on relationships we’ve built with our preferred vendors, as well.

Outsourcing to a Creative Team

When your organization is growing, but your marketing department is not, it’s hard to find the time to do everything yourself, let alone do it well. You need a full team of highly trained professionals at your fingertips exactly when you need them.

Blue Star wants to be your team. We’re here when you need something produced last minute or when you need a small document that deserves the attention of great design. We don’t turn that work away. We understand the pace and pressures you are under to deliver exceptional work with short lead times.