Content is marketing’s lifeblood — you can’t market without it. But there’s more to writing than just slapping a few words on the page. Customers want relevant, high-quality content that speaks to them at every stage throughout the buying journey (from awareness to consideration to decision).

Engaging content should be everywhere you are – social media, newsletters, blog posts, case studies, videos, whitepapers, webpages, and infographics all fall under the content marketing umbrella. When this daunting task overwhelms you, we are here to help.

We help clients conquer content and remain in control of all that is published. First, we begin with a deep dive, studying your business, competitors, and popular search terms. We strategize horizontal strategies around your offerings and focus intently on one solid strategy at a time, so we can have the biggest effect. You approve the strategy, while we conduct interviews and create outlines. Once you approve the outlines, and our team takes on the writing and editing of each piece. You approve final content, and we take care of publishing or printing. You stay in control, and we do the hard work. Sounds a whole lot better than trying to do it all yourself, right?



Blogging for Business

Blogging is not an option for your business anymore; it’s a necessity. As you already know, keeping a blog filled with industry updates, thought leadership, and informative content is beneficial to your organization for three big reasons.

  1. You greatly improve your website’s SEO.
  2. You get the option to have a conversation online with customers even when they are doing their best to avoid human contact.
  3. You receive more leads, which means more conversions.

You need both quantity and quality you need to be effective. Your blogs need to be filled with rich keywords, focused on solving problems and offering valuable information to your customers, and we all know that you’ll get the best results by posting weekly, if not more often.

That can be down right overwhelming, but it is doable with the right team. The Blue Star team helps you strategize and plan the most effective content, research keywords, and provide outlines for you to approve. We develop the content, post for you, and provide analytics. Bi-weekly touch-base meetings ensure we stay on track at all times.

Effective eBooks

Writing is a major part of successful marketing. It’s about creating content focused on the end-goal of your marketing initiative: driving the customer to act and get further down the buying funnel. eBooks take that to the next level by enticing people to give up information about themselves to get more of your thought leadership.

eBooks require a much more in-depth process -- conducting interviews, transcripts, extensive writing, and design. When you are investing this much time and energy, you want help from a team that has experience in marketing as well polished writing skills.


Persuasive Copywriting

Good marketing still requires copywriters. In fact, some would argue that the role of the copywriter is more important than ever especially when you find yourself struggling to get your key messages across.

Understanding how to influence the type of prospects you want to attract is just one part of the equation; the other is determining how they expect to receive those messages.