Julia is the daughter of Captain Baaaaaaahb.

(shown below in blue)

She first sailed with a young ragtag crew, called the Buccaneers, to locate and procure her high school degree.

Years after her teenage adventures, Julia found herself in scary waters. She managed to escape the slippery grasp of Davy Jones and quickly branded herself with a blue star as a declaration of her aspiration, dreams, pursuits, and creativity. It’s a constant reminder to embrace all the wonder, beauty, and enchantment of her life.

Shortly after, Julia quickly commandeered a nameless freelance business and found her first real treasure – a paycheck. However, she was soon forced to name her boat in order to receive the booty. And that’s the birth of Blue Star as you know it today.

It is told, that many years ago, a reckless client tried to take the helm and steer a project into bad territory.  She quickly slashed him down, set his ideas aflame and cursed like a pirate.

Over the course of time, these tales have become exaggerations, or even fabrications, embellished by her Co-captain, John, to bolster her pirate-y reputation.