Why Grammar Matters For Web Content

By Blue Star Design / 04 Jan 2017


Although it might seem like a small detail that few will notice, having good grammar on your website is essential to maintaining a professional appearance. Believe it or not, many of your future clients have studied writing and grammar in college, and having any errors on your website makes your business look sloppy and illegitimate. This can be frustrating for professionals who aren’t versed in the minute rules of English grammar. So, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is both grammatically correct and also easy to understand.

The Tools

There are many different online tools you can use for checking grammar on your website. Typically, these tools scan your website and pull anything that can possibly be an error, letting you make the change. These tools are helpful; however, they sometimes miss errors because a machine is looking at your website, not a real person. The best way to make sure that you don’t have any grammar errors is to learn the rules yourself and still have someone proofread your piece before it gets published. This can be tedious, because there are a lot of mundane rules in the English language. A comprehensive guide like Hackers or Purdue OWL can help you learn these rules.  Still, to ensure that your website reads well is to teach whoever is writing your content, whether it’s a blogger or an intern or the CEO, you should help them incorporate proper English grammar into the way they write.

The Challanges 

One challenge of multiple contributing writers, including guest writers, is that you must ensure that everyone has the same tone and follows the same grammar rules. This will make editing easier, and will help drive your brand. When developing brand strategy, you should decide exactly how you want your blog to sound and then tell your writers to integrate that into their writing.

Just because you’re teaching grammar doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun and that it can’t be quick. Teaching common grammar mistakes and learning the differences in these errors will help you overall and will also eradicate 90% of the errors from your text. Common errors like “their vs. they’re” are the culprit for the majority of grammar errors in your text. Once you’ve gotten rid of these common errors, you can comb through your website and check for more intricate errors using a grammar handbook.

The Exceptions

Now here comes a tricky situation: you come across a grammar error on your website, but when you change it to be correct, it just doesn’t sound right. While something might be grammatically correct, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it sounds readable or has the right flow. There’s a couple different things you can do here. You can rewrite the whole sentence to be grammatically correct and have the proper flow. Or, you could decide to leave the error if it’s one that is obscure. Each situation is different, and should be handled at your discretion.

Grammar can be tricky, troublesome, and frankly boring to handle. However, ensuring your website is grammatically correct is the best way to ensure that you have and maintain a professional image.  Comment below with your favorite common grammar mistake that you’ll look for on your website!

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