Who do you think you’re talking to?

By Blue Star Design / 06 Apr 2015


Just as you wouldn’t talk to your boss about your crazy Saturday night, it’s important to consider your audience when it comes to developing a social media posting strategy.

Facebook was built around having a conversation. The design of the timeline, the photo sharing option, and the creepy way they notify you when your friend from eighth grade changed her profile picture, are all ways of keeping you in the conversation. When managing your company’s Facebook page, the most effective thing you can do is ask questions. People want to visit your page and engage with your content. Make it easy for them by asking questions they’re able to weigh in on: What do you think of Facebook’s new interface? What’s your favorite restaurant on East 4th? How cute is this tiny dog? (People love tiny dogs.)

Twitter is perfect for those short and sweet updates you want your audience to interact with right away. While blogs are an excellent way to communicate thought leadership on any social channel, keep it short and sweet on Twitter by posting the title along with a shortened link to your blog page. This allows viewers to understand the gist of your post and also assume you’re an industry genius. (That’s how it works, right?) You can also use Twitter to post fun content, like relevant quotes, Vine or YouTube videos, and photos from events your company has attended. And don’t forget the hashtags!

When I think of LinkedIn, I think of that scene in Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig is drunk on the plane to the bachelorette party and is told by the flight attended to go back to her seat, to which she replies, “Oh, this is a very strict plane that I’m on.” Save the puns, memes, and cute photos for Facebook and Twitter. Use LinkedIn to post about job openings, press releases, awards, and conferences your company plans to attend. LinkedIn is a professional network and a hub for those interested in job-seeking, hiring, and keeping up on industry trends.

Social media without a strategy is bound to fail. Educate yourself on the proper etiquette to be used on each channel, test out a few options, and get a feel for what your audience really wants to learn from you.



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