Vimeo vs. YouTube: Which One's Right For Your Business

By Blue Star Design / 16 Jun 2017

Youtube versus vimeo

Video content is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. While it’s difficult to create, video content is the way of the future. Tech Crunch estimates that over 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched every day, which means that marketers need to produce video content in order to remain relevant to their audiences. However, when it comes to producing video, you have a big decision ahead of you: what platform will you use to host your video? 

Now more than ever there’s a wide selection of video hosting platforms that you can use for your website’s video content. It’s hard to know what’s the right selection for your company based on your needs and the types of videos you’re producing.

The two major players in the video hosting arena are YouTube and Vimeo. These platforms have different advantages and disadvantages, so there’s really no right answer to “which of these is best.” Instead, you should think about the needs of your business and which of these platforms can best support those needs.


YouTube is the video hosting giant. Everyone uses it, everyone loves it. Whether you’ve used it to check out an album or to look up a cat video, at some point in your life you’ve interacted with YouTube.


  • YouTube is free to use.
  • YouTube has name recognition and everyone knows what it is
  • YouTube is integrated with Google, making it easy to navigate and a massive search engine.


  • The YouTube Vortex. Unless you embed the video in your site or make it the content offer at the end of a form, your audience is likely to get distracted and navigate away from your page.
  • Ads happen, and YouTube might end up using your video to advertise for another third party.
  • Because YouTube is primarily used for entertainment-style videos, your company videos will likely need some kind of entertainment element to them.


Vimeo is like YouTube for artists. Its videos are super high quality, and it’s used for projects like music videos and documentaries just as much as it’s used for marketing videos.


  • Vimeo offers tiers of membership, but begins with a free option that everyone can use.
  • No ad content and little chance of viewers navigating away from your video once it’s been added.
  • Their videos look amazing. 


  • Their videos look amazing, which means that you need a top-notch internet connection to view them.
  • If you don’t pay for one of their non-basic packages, it can sometimes take hours to upload one video.

The verdict?

There’s no general answer to what fits every company’s video needs, because each company has specific goals that are different than those of other companies. However, our designer, April, has an analogy that might help you make your decision:

“I like to think of it like Vimeo is to Apple Mac’s as YouTube is to Windows PCs. Many more people use Windows, but it comes with more viruses and bugs, just how YouTube is more popular but it has more ads. Mac’s are used by a smaller number of people, but it it also doesn’t have a lot of the pitfalls that Windows does: the same goes for Vimeo.”

Only you can decide what platform is best for your business. Which one does your company use and why? Comment below with your answer!

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