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By Julia Briggs / 08 Mar 2018

9 Things to Never Say to a Designer

Working with a designer is great — you have a way of making your vision and ideas manifest in a tangible way for your current or

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By Blue Star Design / 19 Jan 2018

Our 12 Favorite Marketing Resources

The best marketing resources are living lessons on the power of content: They inform, entertain, and delight day in and day out.

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By Blue Star Design / 05 Jan 2018

Google AdWords — How It Works, Why You Need It, When To Use It

Google AdWords is the system that puts all those ads at the top of your Google search results. Companies invest in AdWords because

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By Blue Star Design / 26 Dec 2017

3 SEO Factors You Can Manage For Improved Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about managing what you can control and adapting to what you can’t. 

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By Blue Star Design / 19 Dec 2017

How Your Website’s Structure Affects Your SEO

Your website’s structure can do wonders for your SEO — or it can undermine it in ways you’d never guess.

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By Blue Star Design / 04 Dec 2017

9 Questions to Ask SEO Companies Before Hiring

You’ve downloaded our eBook on the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) and you’ve read all 4,705 words. 

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By Blue Star Design / 23 Nov 2017

5 Major Google Penalties and How to Avoid Them

Google can bestow life upon your business, granting search results that help you sell your products and services and outmaneuver

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By Blue Star Design / 31 Mar 2017

You're Losing Customers Without Responsive Design

A Website That’s Not Mobile-Friendly Can Cost You Customers If your company’s site still is not optimized for mobile viewing, it

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By Blue Star Design / 17 Feb 2017

Our New Positive Peers Case Study

Blue Star Design is proud of all the work we do with every one of our clients. However, we’re particularly proud of our efforts

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