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By Theresa Attalla / 12 Jun 2018

Social Media Terms You Should Know

  Okay, let’s be real. How much social media lingo is in your marketing toolbox? I’ll be honest; I didn’t know much when I first

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By Theresa Attalla / 05 Jun 2018

How Social Media Can Advance Public Health Initiatives

I didn't eat romaine lettuce for a month. It started on Facebook when I saw a warning from an old friend. There was an E. coli

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By Theresa Attalla / 21 Mar 2018

3 Takeaways From Social Media Week Austin 2018

With its cacti and an endless supply of Tex-Mex tacos, Austin, Texas provided a wonderful, late February backdrop for the annual

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By Julia McNamara / 08 Mar 2018

3 Ways Brands Can Take Advantage of Social Media Addiction

Every day, the average person will spend about two hours a day on social media. This means constant refreshing of their page,

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By Allison Stibrick / 26 Jan 2018

How Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Will Change The Future Of Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s new approach to its news-feed algorithm is sending shockwaves through the world of social media marketing.

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By Blue Star Design / 26 Jun 2017

5 Reasons Marketers Should Consider a Social Media Strategy

It’s well known that social media has proven to be a valuable channel for many brands. Observing the success of others can tempt

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By Blue Star Design / 16 Jun 2017

Vimeo vs. YouTube: Which One's Right For Your Business

Video content is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. While it’s difficult to create, video content is the way

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By Blue Star Design / 07 Jun 2017

Blue Star Rocked Straight From The Heart's Social Media Campaign

Blue Star Design is proud to have helped Community West Foundation raise awareness for their annual gala, Straight from the Heart.

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By Blue Star Design / 26 May 2017

The 3 “Knows” of Social Media Design

You might think social media is all about the writing. After all, that’s why agencies like ours search out talented journalism

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