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By April Clark / 30 Jan 2018

Ask the Designer: How to Mark Up Changes with Acrobat

PDFs (Portable Document Formats) were created by Adobe 25 years ago and they've served as an excellent way to share photo- and

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By Blue Star Design / 19 Jan 2018

Our 12 Favorite Marketing Resources

The best marketing resources are living lessons on the power of content: They inform, entertain, and delight day in and day out.

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By Blue Star Design / 15 Jan 2018

7 Must-Have Components of Successful Digital Marketing

Sure, successful digital marketing requires quality software, computers, networks, and data. But tools are no substitute for savvy.

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By Blue Star Design / 12 Jan 2018

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

2018 is the year for marketers to get serious about personalization, chatbots, topic clustering, and video. And making all that

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By Blue Star Design / 05 Jan 2018

Google AdWords — How It Works, Why You Need It, When To Use It

Google AdWords is the system that puts all those ads at the top of your Google search results. Companies invest in AdWords because

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By Julia Briggs / 07 Nov 2017

Top 3 Favorite Project Tools for Content Creation

Adding a blog post to your website is a cinch. It's everything else that gets complicated.

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By Julia Briggs / 31 Oct 2017

Why Research is Vital to Good Content

 Research is the bedrock of content that converts shoppers into buyers. Why? Because it helps ensure your content is credible,

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By Julia Briggs / 24 Oct 2017

Why Consistency is Key for Quality Content

Content is more than simply a video, tweet, or blog post — it’s a multimedia experience that lives in the minds of your users,

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By Blue Star Design / 11 Aug 2017

7 Ways to Create Better Content Than Your Competitor

  If you’ve found the benefits of content marketing, chances are that your competitors have, too. Your job as a marketing manager

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