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By April Clark / 10 Mar 2017

Three Great Resources to Learn More About Design Software

At Blue Star Design, we use Adobe Creative Cloud applications to create everything from app avatars and email graphics to ads,

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By Julia Briggs / 08 Mar 2017

Crop Where It Counts

The one change request I always seem to get from clients is to “stop chopping the tops off people’s heads.” Now that sounds pretty

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By Blue Star Design / 24 Feb 2017

Keep Design in Mind: 3 Considerations for Trade Show Booths

Nowadays, trade shows are more elaborate and extravagant than ever, and I know from personal experience. I had the opportunity to

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By Julia Briggs / 10 Feb 2017

Take Stock in Your Stock Photos

The year I graduated from college with an illustration degree is the exact same year Apple took hold of the design world, and

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By Blue Star Design / 30 Jan 2017

Don't Use A Template: Why Great Presentations Keep Design In Mind

No matter your job, chances are that at some point you will have to (or you already have had to) create a presentation.

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By Julia Briggs / 22 Dec 2016

Feed the Artists: A Chat With Design Director Sue Harris

Being an artist is like being pregnant and giving birth over and over again. You have this powerful creation growing inside, and

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By Julia Briggs / 28 Nov 2016

How to Use Design-Driven Blogging to Supercharge Your Blog

You wrote a blog that is 1,000 words – perfect length – great job! You were careful to use keywords in your headline, first

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By Julia Briggs / 21 Sep 2016

How Professional Design Can Impact Health Abstracts

1981. It was the beginning of AIDS epidemic—a real medical and scientific nightmare. I was 12 and all I can remember is drawing a

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By Julia Briggs / 19 Sep 2016

2016 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award Winner

Blue Star Design is excited to announce that we have earned FIVE 2016 American Graphic Design Awards  from GD USA Magazine for our

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