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By Theresa Attalla / 17 Jul 2018

How Innovative Printing Techniques Help our Clients Stand Out

It often feels like technology moves too fast to keep up with, but it’s our job at Blue Star Design to stay on pace. Our clients

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By Julia Briggs / 08 Mar 2018

9 Things to Never Say to a Designer

Working with a designer is great — you have a way of making your vision and ideas manifest in a tangible way for your current or

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By Julia Briggs / 02 Mar 2018

How Your Paper Stock Can Impact Your Next Print Project

Paper has a personality that readers notice. Readers appreciate the tactile sensation of holding paper in their hands. Everything

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By Blue Star Design / 14 Feb 2018

Should You Choose Offset Or Digital Printing For Your Next Project?

Ever wonder about the difference between offset and digital printing? Blue Star Design is here to help you find your answer. In

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By April Clark / 30 Jan 2018

Ask the Designer: How to Mark Up Changes with Acrobat

PDFs (Portable Document Formats) were created by Adobe 25 years ago and they've served as an excellent way to share photo- and

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By Sue Harris / 03 Jul 2017

5 Common Typography Mistakes Every Designer Should Avoid

“It's not a mistake to make a mistake, but it's a mistake to repeat the same mistake.” – Author Unknown The first mistake you

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By Blue Star Design / 09 Jun 2017

Why do business cards still work?

Business cards haven’t lasted this long due to some warped sense of tradition or nostalgia. They’ve managed to stick around

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By Blue Star Design / 24 May 2017

Is Your Phone The New Adobe?

Now more than ever, we are given creative freedom. Our smartphones are permitting us to crop, filter, edit, and lay-out images in

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By Julia Briggs / 05 Apr 2017

What to Look for in a Printing Partner

Sue, April, and I run the design team here at Blue Star. Together, we have decades of design and print experience. Over the years,

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