Run, Forrest, run.

By Julia Briggs / 28 Apr 2015


A great line from a great movie, and one we use a lot in our family since I inadvertently managed to raise a bunch of runners. My daughter has a love of speed, my son a love for distance — but neither are a Forrest Gump, yet.

But … there is this one kid. Let’s just call him Forrest, because after all, he is the Forrest Gump of CYO cross county. This kid can run and run and run. He’s the LeBron James of 6th grade distance running. The kids know him by name. The parents know him by name. He’s that good.

So imagine my glee recently when checking the latest track scores online and finding out my son came in first in the mile within the region (Yay!) – beating out Forrest (double yay! Proud Mama Moment!). The tally scores were in from all the weekend track meets. Not only did my son come in first, but Forrest came in last. LAST! Last?

“Was he hurt? Did he run on a bum leg? What happened to Forrest?” I asked. I clicked on the history report to find Forrest ran his best time ever in his track history. I was bewildered. Why is the best distance runner not able to place in the mile? My son quickly pointed out, “Mom, track is a completely different sport.”

He is right. Track is a different sport. It is not only about distance – it’s also about speed. And you must be able to achieve both to be successful.

It’s this concept that encapsulates Blue Star’s unique quality. There are many, many talented creative agencies in this world – heck, in Cleveland alone, there are well over 200 of us. We are a mecca of creativity. You can throw a stone in this town and hit an artist.

And we all have the same desire – to offer exceptional creative that stands the test of time.

But exceptional creative at the speed of business? Well, that is a completely different sport.

Because beyond the need for great design, there is also a need for speed. We have grown as a culture to expect the highest levels of immediacy in service, whether we’re buying a new book or purchasing airplane tickets. And your boss, I’m sure, is just as impatient as the rest of the world. At Blue Star, we get that. While we love to sink our teeth into a long, juicy, drawn out project, we know you don’t always have the luxury of time.

Need a 12-page booklet written, designed, printed and shipped to land in China in five days to woo your big overseas client? We actually did that. Need an 84-page magazine whipped up in eight hours for end-of-day surprise meeting that the boss scheduled to see if your team is on top of your job? No problem. Need a compelling ad designed in five minutes because someone forgot a deadline? Consider it done.

It’s not the most blissful moment — like watching one glide through nature, running swiftly and elegantly beyond the trees or down the sandy beach (cue the Chariots of Fire theme song). It’s more like grinding out your best work in front of stadium full of sales people focused on their stop watches.

At Blue Star, we do not run like Forrest.

We run like Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and Florence Griffith-Joyner.

We deliver exceptional design at the speed of business.

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