Doing Cartwheels

By Julia Briggs / 04 Mar 2015

I know that the key to a successful business is to constantly work to stay relevant. That’s true for me, that’s true for you, and that’s true for every business owner out there, lest we wind up singing the tune of “I ran a company like yours once."

But staying relevant can be hard and painful as time goes by. It can feel like trying to join a 10-year-old in doing cartwheels when you shouldn’t really be doing cartwheels at your age unless you want to get hurt. (I only limped for a day.)

I used to think that by just doing the cartwheel, I would be relevant to other people doing cartwheels, too. But then I realized:

  1. Kids have more time to practice doing cartwheels than I do.
  2. They are built to do cartwheels and I’m no longer built to do cartwheels.
  3. My cartwheel looks like an older person trying to do a cartwheel.

As Blue Star has grown, my role, my responsibilities and my job title have grown. So too has technology and the demands of the marketplace. In order to be competitive, my agency has to constantly evolve and stay current. But that doesn’t mean I personally have to be the one doing cartwheels – I just have to be the one leading the ones doing the cartwheels – and leading them well.

So, I pledge to:

  1. Understand that cartwheels are necessary to life.
  2. Study up on how one should do cartwheels properly.
  3. Don’t do cartwheels myself.
  4. Hire people to that do cartwheels.
  5. Observe and offer advice on how to do better cartwheels based on my past athletic experience.

And with that said, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest acrobats on the Blue Star team.


~ Julia

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