Dawg food for thought

By Julia Briggs / 08 Apr 2015


I had just finished collaborating on a blog about the Cleveland Browns' logo debacle (ranting like a good DAWG should) when my newly-hired Senior Designer steps into my office to ask if I was going to eat my own dog food.

Would I consider redesigning our logo -- the logo that I had personally designed.

He either has lots of guts or he is slightly nuts.  (Considering he's a Steelers fan, I'll let you make that call.)

But here we are, starting to break barriers, moving in all the right directions, and I've never been so excited about where we are headed.  Take a good look and you should see all this energy and movement in our new logo mark.

So, why not?  If I profess to believe in change and trying to grow and that staying relevant is always good, then let's do it. Let's do what the Browns could not.

To quote myself: Someone in this town had the opportunity in their hands to make a bigger impact and couldn’t make it happen – again.

So, by God, if the Browns can't make the change and inspire the good people of Cleveland, WE WILL.

Let's go Blue Star!

… and Browns.

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