Building Relationships With Customers On Social

By Blue Star Design / 23 Jan 2017

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If you’ve built a social media following, that’s great! It shows that your customers are interested in your business and are excited about new offers from your company. However, the work isn’t completely over once you’ve built your audience: you need to engage.

Engaging with your audiences on social will help you keep their business, maintain their interest, and appear more personable and secure loyalty. In the same way that you’d listen to a customer email, it’s just as important to listen to what your customers are saying about you on social media. Social platforms are another outlet for consumers to express their feelings about your business--both good and bad. Replying with a thank you can help you keep a customer for life, where ignoring a customer could lead to resentment. Of course, if a customer is complaining, you should respond both publically and privately.

Our social media expert, Colleen McCarthy, has some quick tips for responding on social media: “I think any time you have a customer interacting with you on social media, you need to respond in some fashion. Like or favorite their comment, retweet a compliment and thank them for their kind words, and always, always, always respond to criticism. Your response should always be professional — there is nothing worse than going viral for popping off with a rude response. But that doesn’t mean you have to take unfounded attacks lying down. Use it as an opportunity to educate the troll. You’ll come out looking like the bigger person.”

Based on Colleen’s tips and our own know-how, we have a couple of go-to tips for building customer relationships on social:

  1. Responding Personally To Posts Will Make A Difference: It might seem hard to respond to every single mention or comment, especially if you’ve built up a particularly large following. However, quickly liking or favoriting a comment or tweet will let your customer know you care. Also, be sure that you respond personally to each customer. If you’re going to take the time to write a message and reply to the comment, don’t copy and paste the same message. It looks lazy and doesn’t help your customers feel special or unique. It makes them feel like a number and makes you look like a robot.
  2. Set Aside Time: As you’ve probably already learned, social media management takes time and energy. That’s why there are full-time positions dedicated to handling it. If you want to properly interact with your customers on social to help build relationships, you can’t spend three minutes a day on social. You are going to have to dedicate time to answering questions, posting, and having quality interactions with your customers on social, the same way you would with them in real life.

Think of social media as just one more way to connect with people who care about your business and want to feel appreciated by your company. What are your favorite ways to interact with customers on social? Comment with your answer below!

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