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By Theresa Attalla / 07 Aug 2018

The Importance of Planning and Strategy for Successful Content Marketing

Do you feel like it's hard to keep up with all the news and information put out into the digital world? Don't feel bad. More

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By Theresa Attalla / 17 Jul 2018

How Innovative Printing Techniques Help our Clients Stand Out

It often feels like technology moves too fast to keep up with, but it’s our job at Blue Star Design to stay on pace. Our clients

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By Theresa Attalla / 12 Jun 2018

Social Media Terms You Should Know

  Okay, let’s be real. How much social media lingo is in your marketing toolbox? I’ll be honest; I didn’t know much when I first

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By Theresa Attalla / 05 Jun 2018

How Social Media Can Advance Public Health Initiatives

I didn't eat romaine lettuce for a month. It started on Facebook when I saw a warning from an old friend. There was an E. coli

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By Theresa Attalla / 21 Mar 2018

3 Takeaways From Social Media Week Austin 2018

With its cacti and an endless supply of Tex-Mex tacos, Austin, Texas provided a wonderful, late February backdrop for the annual

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