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Julia Briggs, founder of Blue Star Design, is the acting CEO and Chief Creative Officer and has built the company from a sole proprietorship to an S-corp with a team of nine employees and 25+ partners. Julia is the creative lead at Blue Star. She handles the majority of client relations and sales for the company. Julia earned a B.A. from the Columbus College of Art and Design in illustration, graduating in 1991 with honors, and has continued her education through Tri-C and is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. In 1999, after working in a wide array of design careers, Julia created a job for herself in her very own studio, Blue Star Design. Having experience with everything from illustration to packaging and branding, to print and web, meant Julia would never be bored and her clients would benefit from the variety of her talents. In 2007, she took another step forward and added a talented crew to the mix to offer clients a more integrated approach to design, marketing, and idea generation. Julia has more than 20 years’ experience in the graphic design industry in advertising, publishing and social expressions industries. Among her many successes, she helped to build the top selling homeschooling product, Comprehensive Curriculum, developed licensed products with Charles Schulz and Jim Henson Productions, and left a successful career at American Greetings to start Blue Star.
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By Julia Briggs / 08 Mar 2018

9 Things to Never Say to a Designer

Working with a designer is great — you have a way of making your vision and ideas manifest in a tangible way for your current or

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By Julia Briggs / 02 Mar 2018

How Your Paper Stock Can Impact Your Next Print Project

Paper has a personality that readers notice. Readers appreciate the tactile sensation of holding paper in their hands. Everything

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By Julia Briggs / 07 Nov 2017

Top 3 Favorite Project Tools for Content Creation

Adding a blog post to your website is a cinch. It's everything else that gets complicated.

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By Julia Briggs / 31 Oct 2017

Why Research is Vital to Good Content

 Research is the bedrock of content that converts shoppers into buyers. Why? Because it helps ensure your content is credible,

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By Julia Briggs / 24 Oct 2017

Why Consistency is Key for Quality Content

Content is more than simply a video, tweet, or blog post — it’s a multimedia experience that lives in the minds of your users,

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By Julia Briggs / 21 Jun 2017

11 frustrations all marketing managers will understand

No matter the company, marketing managers have it rough. They are in charge of a lot —  collateral, web, social media, signage,

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By Julia Briggs / 10 May 2017

Is Your Online Marketing Strategy FrankenSpotting?

What do Frankenstein, a bull, and duct tape have in common? It might be your marketing plan? A good friend of mine once

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By Julia Briggs / 21 Apr 2017

Thinking Tiny Can Make a Big Splash for Your Website

When the kids, my husband and I squish together on our miniature couch to watch TV, it’s hard for all of us to agree on what to

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By Julia Briggs / 05 Apr 2017

What to Look for in a Printing Partner

Sue, April, and I run the design team here at Blue Star. Together, we have decades of design and print experience. Over the years,

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