6 Tips to Fill Your Inbound Marketing Strategy with Holiday Cheer

By Blue Star Design / 14 Dec 2015


For many businesses, the fourth quarter is no holiday— managers are working on strategies and budgets for the upcoming year, employees are trying to catch up on extra work before taking vacations, and everyone is trying to close out the year on a strong note.

All that hustle and bustle can push social media and blogging to the wayside. Of course, planning ahead is the best strategy to elude the dreaded holiday digital media black hole, but now we’re two weeks from Christmas. What do we do if there is still no plan?

Well, we have just the tips to fill your inbound marketing strategy with holiday cheer.

Spread your company’s joy
Use social media and your blog to show how your company and employees celebrate the holidays. Last week, Blue Star held a Christmas cookie exchange, and this week we will celebrate the Friday before Christmas with our annual pajama party and client-gift-wrapping day.

By telling these stories to the public, you’re humanizing your company and connecting with your audience on a more personal level. It’s also a great time to showcase the charitable activities your company participates in.

Schedule your posts
Most blogging and social media platforms have an option to schedule content to be posted days or weeks in advance (we do it with HubSpot’s inbound marketing software). If you do the work in advance, your content will still be distributed even if you’re planning to take some hard-earned vacation time throughout the holidays.

Recycle the good stuff
Did you drop the ball on creating content and now find yourself overwhelmed with other work to do before the end of the year? Before putting your social media on the backburner, consider using content that you’ve already created. Try this:

  • Do a “year in review” post to highlight all the great things you’ve written about.
  • Do a throw-back post to a favorite (or popular) blog post from earlier in the year.

Give gifts 
Christmas is the season of giving — so give back to your clients and readers by actually giving them something. This doesn’t have to be a physical gift either (though nobody ever says no to company “swag” giveaways).

You can create a content offer like an ebook or industry-related tips — dress them up and give them to readers who sign up through your website. It’s a win-win: Readers get great content, and you continue building your email list.

Create evergreen content
It’s true that blog traffic generally slows down during the holiday season as people spend time with family and friends and take time off of work. Instead of risking writing content that may not be read during the holidays, write content that can easily be referenced once the holiday season is over and can be reused throughout the year. Evergreen content could be anything from a “How To” guide, a “History of” article, or – one of our favorites – lists of anything from tips to fun industry related facts. Here at Blue Star, we’ve published evergreen content we hope our readers find useful any time of the year, such as the post: 3 Ways to Brainstorm New Blog Content

Wish EVERYONE a Happy Holiday
Wish your readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or even a Happy Festivus — engage them personally by recognizing all the faiths and cultures you hope to attract to your blog and social media. You can even jump in on the holiday keyword action and get more recognition for your social platforms by adding some key phrases that are likely to be picked up during the season.

Above all, have fun with your blog and social media — letting your company’s personality shine through these platforms will organically attract the business you’re looking for.

Cheers to a great Holiday Marketing Season!


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