6 Email Marketing Tips You Should Be Following

By Blue Star Design / 04 Feb 2016


Here’s the harsh truth about emails: everyone’s inbox is overflowing.

These days, customers have to sift through hundreds of sales offers and spam emails just to get to something significant. There is a light peeking through those mounds of emails, though — the fact is, email marketing is still one of the cheapest and most effective methods of acquiring new leads, as long as you have a solid email marketing strategy that focuses on providing useful content and building strong relationships.

Even in a world infested with spam, lots of customers are still looking to opt into informative email newsletters. How can you find and keep them? For starters, try these six tips to improve your email marketing strategy:

  1. Focus your content

Since newsletters don’t come out every day, you’ll be tempted to cram in everything you want to tell your customers into the newsletter you're sending. Unfortunately, this just leads to a cluttered and unfocused email. Make sure that when you put your email together, your recipient will know exactly what you want to say almost instantly.

  1. Capture attention in the subject line

The email subject is the first point of contact with the customer, so make it matter. Avoid sales-driven words, but do include personalization. Keep the subject lines short and catchy to grab your customer’s attention.

  1. Give your email a purpose

So you’ve captured your customer’s attention — they’ve opened your email. Now it’s time to take action again. Convert your customers by putting a solid call-to-action (CTA) that promises high value at a low cost into your email. Offer an ebook or a checklist to the customer as a reward for opening your email, but ask the customer for some basic information first. Use words like “free download” or “learn more” versus “shop now” to entice people to take action. A CTA benefits both you and the customer — the customer gets a reward, and you have a new lead.

  1. Make one topic the star

Obviously, the point of an email newsletter is to feature multiple pieces of content, but that doesn’t mean that the content should have equal billing. Choose one topic for your headliner and offer a CTA with that topic. The rest of the content should be billed below the headliner, like the opening acts on a concert advertisement.

  1. Keep it clean

When your emails look good, your business looks good. Add branding in the form of a logo or a header to the top of your email. Customize your colors and make sure your fonts are consistent throughout. Add some visuals and links, but make sure to be mindful that you need some white space to keep it looking clean and uncluttered.

  1. Don’t waste anyone’s time

When writing copy for your email, make sure to keep it short and make it significant. Don’t take up more of your customer’s time than you need to, and make sure what you say is valuable.

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