3 Ways Brands Can Take Advantage of Social Media Addiction

By Julia McNamara / 08 Mar 2018


Every day, the average person will spend about two hours a day on social media. This means constant refreshing of their page, receiving multiple notifications, and otherwise being inundated with content from friends and brands they are connected with.

Marketing teams know social media marketing is essential in today’s world, but there are some practices they can put in place to leverage their brand identity in the midst of a social media-obsessed world.

1. Put in place a regular posting schedule

Users are constantly refreshing their social media apps to stay up to date on what others are doing.

Because of this, marketers can put into practice a set schedule of when they should post and how regularly they should post. The set schedule will allow for more interaction with the company’s promotions and allow for others to see new content every time they refresh their feed. This equates to more opportunities for users to click on brand ads that are relevant to them.

2. Focus on quality content—not just followers

Audiences today want the right message and relevant content that relates to their lives. With relevant content from brands, social media is more likely to link common interests with others through notifications.

Another practice that marketers can put into action is to make their focus more on the content of their post, and what they are offering their audience, instead of focusing on the number of followers they may get during a particular day. 

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3. Keep track of your social metrics

Many social media users receive notifications of what their followers liked a few times throughout the day. Through these notifications, and the ability to see what their friends liked or interacted with, individuals are more likely to click on the content. Sharing a common interest in a post allows for more views on the content and more interaction with it. By producing more relevant content, others will be more likely to interact with the brand and share the content with their networks. Seeing what users are more interested in and what content they can relate to, marketers will gain a broader audience.

Marketers would benefit from a practice of keeping up to date with their social media metrics. By tracking the performance of their posts, marketers can continue to produce more relevant content in the future that will allow for an increase in their metrics.

Through refreshing, clicking, and notifications, people are in constant contact with brands and their content. With marketers posting regularly, focusing on the content, and keeping on top of their metrics, it can allow for them to reach a broader audience.

Marketers already know about the social media addiction, and with these practices they will be able to take advantage of it. 

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