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By Theresa Attalla / 21 Mar 2018

3 Takeaways From Social Media Week Austin 2018

With its cacti and an endless supply of Tex-Mex tacos, Austin, Texas provided a wonderful, late February backdrop for the annual

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By Julia McNamara / 08 Mar 2018

3 Ways Brands Can Take Advantage of Social Media Addiction

Every day, the average person will spend about two hours a day on social media. This means constant refreshing of their page,

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By Julia Briggs / 08 Mar 2018

9 Things to Never Say to a Designer

Working with a designer is great — you have a way of making your vision and ideas manifest in a tangible way for your current or

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By Julia Briggs / 02 Mar 2018

How Your Paper Stock Choice Can Impact Your Next Print Project

Paper has a personality that readers notice. Readers appreciate the tactile sensation of holding paper in their hands. Everything

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By Blue Star Design / 14 Feb 2018

Should You Choose Offset Or Digital Printing For Your Next Project?

Ever wonder about the difference between offset and digital printing? Blue Star Design is here to help you find your answer. In

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By April Clark / 30 Jan 2018

Ask the Designer: How to Mark Up Changes with Acrobat

PDFs (Portable Document Formats) were created by Adobe 25 years ago and they've served as an excellent way to share photo- and

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By Allison Stibrick / 26 Jan 2018

How Facebook’s latest algorithm change will change the future of social media marketing

Facebook’s new approach to its news-feed algorithm is sending shockwaves through the world of social media marketing.

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By Blue Star Design / 22 Jan 2018

4 Signs You are Ready for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can push your sales and promotion efforts into the fast lane — but only if you’re prepared for it.

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By Blue Star Design / 19 Jan 2018

Our 12 Favorite Marketing Resources

The best marketing resources are living lessons on the power of content: They inform, entertain, and delight day in and day out.

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